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Departments Aventus

The Economy & Business department offers programmes in: 

  • Business Administration 
  • Secretarial Studies 
  • Commerce 
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade 
  • Information and Communication Technology 
  • Fashion and Styling 
  • Hair Styling 
  • Civil Service and Human Resource Management 
  • Security 
  • Hotel & Catering Studies 
  • Hotel Management 
  • Tourism & Leisure 
  • Facility Services

The Health Care & Welfare department offers programmes in: 

  • Welfare
  • Health Care 
  • Dance
  • Sports 
  • Wellness 

As Europe becomes more and more globalised and multicultural, the internationalisation of the health care sector is becoming increasingly necessary. Consequently, welfare and health care workers must be able to work with more diverse population groups. It is therefore important to equip students with intercultural skills. This is why students are given the opportunity to do traineeships abroad. 

The Technology & Automotive department offers programmes in: 

  • The Technology & Automotive department offers programmes in: General Technical Operations 
  • Building & Infrastructure 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Wood & Furniture 
  • Installation – and Refrigeration 
  • Laboratory Technology 
  • Process Technology 
  • Painting & Stucco 
  • Mechanical Engineering & Metalworking 
  • Automotive Management 
  • Automotive Technology 
  • Agricultural Technology 
  • Transport & Logistics 

AutomotiveTechnology is a broad discipline. This department offers programmes that relate to ‘wheels’. The department boasts a long history (about 65 years) of training directors/owners of automotive companies. These days, the demand for qualified personnel is more specialised. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of programmes to train for specific professions, including automobile sales consultant, vehicle engineer, automotive manage, chauffeur, logistics manager. Learning about a profession in practice through traineeships is a very important part of the programme. Students taking higher level programmes (level 4) can opt to do their traineeships abroad. 

The Education department offers programmes in: 

  • Integration courses 
  • Dutch as second language (NT2) 
  • Courses for Dutch natives who only have a basic education (For instance: Dutch literacy, Numeracy, Computer Skills, English, Social Skills) 
  • Integrated Courses (professional training + language) 
  • Vavo (second chance secondary courses)