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European e-Transport Network for VET (ETN4VET)

It needs no longer discussion that our planet has a huge global warming problem which is influenced by the enormous CO2 emission of its population. In order to minimise the consequences and to decelerate further global warming, the EU has launched it’s ‘Green Deal plan’ and ‘Environment and fight against climate change’ is one of the Erasmus+ priorities. Consequence for the transport sector is that the usage of fossil energy has to be reduced quickly and dramatically and will be replaced by electric drivetrains (e-Transport). This relatively new and very rapidly developing technology requires new skills and competences for the people who sell, service and repair these vehicles and thus also for VET education. Next to this required change, there are a few more factors who increase the challenge for VET education in the field of e-Transport;

  • the accelerating growth in technology (especially for this new technology);
  • the enormous growth in availability and usage of new e-Transport vehicles;
  • the skill gap/mismatch between e-Transport, VET education and labour market needs.

In order to overcome this challenge and keep up with the continuously changing technology and requirements, a closer cooperation between VET organisations and the businesses in the e-Transport

sector is necessary. This makes sharing of available new knowledge and experiences possible.

The objectives of the ETN4VET project:

The Erasmus+ ETN4VET project and network want to contribute to narrowing the skill gap between e-Transport, VET education and labour market needs in order to support the attractiveness of using electric vehicles and contribute to the EU Green Deal. We want to achieve this by:

  • further and continuous development of VET teachers’ competence in e-transport education by sharing latest knowledge and educational methodologies;
  • strengthening the work life cooperation in e-transport by improving network analysis and networking skills;
  • building a strong European VET providers’ network in e-transport in order to support the speed development of e-transport education needs;
  • planning and organising learning and networking events (LTTAs) to find answers to most relevant
  • questions in e-Transport;
  • building a network to provide qualitative student and staff mobility programs.

This needs urgent adoption of VET education. In order to realise this, we want to stimulate the cooperation between VET organisations (national and international) and businesses to share the latest knowledge. In order to optimise cooperation and build trust, an adequate network and networking skills for the stakeholders (VET teachers) is essential. That’s the reason we want to establish and expand this ETN4VET network. Next to that we want to give the development of our VET education a quick start by sharing already available best practises and answering FAQ’s with regards to innovative e-Transport education and methodologies as soon as possible.

The partners within the ETN4VET project are:

  1.  Aventus (Netherlands) www.aventus.nl
  2.  Center for Erhvervsrettede uddannelser Lolland-Falster (CELF) (Denmark) www.celf.dk
  3.  Kuressaare Ametikool (Estonia) www.ametikool.ee
  4.  Hyria koulutus Oy  (Finland) www.hyria.fi
  5.  Salpaus Further Education (Finland) www.salpaus.fi
  6.  Chambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat des Pays de la Loire (France) www.artisanatpaysdelaloire.fr
  7.  BBS Syke EUROPASCHULE (Germany) www.bbs-syke.de
  8.  Handwerkskammer für Ostthüringen (Germany) www.hwk-gera.de
  9.  CEIPES (Italy) www.ceipes.org
  10.  ROC Noorderpoort (Netherland) www.noorderpoort.nl
  11.  Byåsen videregående skole (Norway) www.byasen.vgs.no
  12.  ATEC (Portugal) www.atec.pt
  13.  Escoles Professionals Salesianes, Institut Politècnic (Spain) www.salesianssarria.com
  14.  Amledo & Co AB (Sweden) www.amledo.com

The progress the ETN4VET project can be followed via Facebook.

If you want any further information. Please contact Durk van Wieren (d.vanwieren@aventus.nl)

The project has support from the Erasmus+ KA2 program under the name ‘ETN4VET’ (agreement number 2021-1-NL01-KA220-VET-000025512)