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One world – Mixed reality (OW-MR)

The main target of the OW-MR project is that by using the modern digital equipment and software it is possible to implement high quality education remotely and despite long distances. We focus in particular on such cases that normally require the physical presence of teachers and students in the same space.

The goals of this project are:

  • bringing the methods and technologies of current distance learning competences of our network together and combine best practices and software and hardware solutions;
  • the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) pedagogy on an international scale in vocational education. The AR Platform will allow teachers to integrate AR technology in their own teaching activities, in the field of heavy-duty vehicle or vehicle sector;
  • introduction of Extended Reality (XR) pedagogy in vocational education. In extended reality pedagogy, 360-degree images and videos, or an entirely virtual environment, literally add a new dimension to learning.

The OW-MR project will deliver the following five Project Results:

  1. Status of distant learning and reality systems in vehicle education;
  2. Productization of the technology platform.;
  3. Extended reality platform development;
  4. Piloted study modules (will be piloted in 5 virtual Learning, Teaching and Training Activities);
  5. Finalizing of the complete platform.

In order to share the outcomes of this project, we will organise 5 multiplier events

As a positive long-term impact, we foresee that learning and teaching processes in VET will be independent of time and place. Our project contributes to green development by reducing travelling, too. We wait for many small or large permanent changes in the behaviour, activities, or structures. Teachers will use new teaching technologies in vehicle training in partner organizations. They have developed professional and pedagogical skills in virtual, augmented and extended reality context. Students are familiar with the virtual learning environment and have developed their skills in different realities. Companies are familiar with the virtual learning environment. The participating colleges will get many benefits. E.g. they save time and money when travelling is reduced. Their staff will be more skilled and competent in the field of distance learning. The project will create new cooperation possibilities between partners also between partners and companies.

The partners within this project are:​

If you want any further information. Please contact Durk van Wieren (d.vanwieren@aventus.nl)

The project has support from the Erasmus+ KA2 program under the name ‘One World – Mixed Reality’ (agreement number 2021-1-FI01-KA220-VET-000034807)