The main objectives of this partnership is to learn from each other to concentrate on the strenghts of each partner/country practices and support the implementation of the most adequate ones to further integrate the learning outcomes approach as part of the quality assurance systems.

It's clear and well known the improvements, developments and recommendations that have been done at European and national levels regarding quality assurance and the learning outcomes approach, namely in the need of improving transparency and comparability of qualifications based on learning outcomes to support coherent credit systems. Although, less level of attention has been given to the operational level where the action really takes place: the VET providers level.

Nevertheless, each entity is being developing its own way using national and international standards (or none), and eventually also using the European recommendations, as reference to improve its own organization and assure quality to its students/trainees, at the same time that are dealing with very different requirements arose from very different national VET systems.

In this sense, QMS4VET partners, being aware of the potential diversity solutions, tools and approaches to deal with quality assurance and the learning outputs approach decided to develop this joint project.

As mentioned, the diversity of VET systems around Europe produces different approaches to quality assurance systems, with their unique strengths and weaknesses from which each partner will learn in order to improve their national quality assurance approaches. Additional to this, the project should be carried out transnationally also to improve trust between foreign VET organizations in order to stimulate mobilities for both students and staffs, and also to stimulate future cooperation between international organizations.

The partners within the QMS4VET project are:
- Aventus (www.aventus.nl)
- ATEC (www.atec.pt)
- BBS Syke EUROPASCHULE (www.bbs-syke.de)
- bit Schulungscenter (www.bit.at)
- West Lothian College (www.west-lothian.ac.uk)
- Kainuun ammattiopisto (www.kao.fi)

The progress and outcomes of the QMS4VET project can be followed via

As part of the outcomes of the QMS4VET project a ‘Quality Management Toolkit’ is developed and will be the collection of the work developed during Project Weeks to be
organized by the QMS4VET Consortium. This toolkit will describe a step-by-step approach to implement best practices related to integrating learning outcomes into different quality
management topics for VET providers.

The following input for the toolkit has been developed and can be downloaded (free of charge):

If you want any further information. Please contact Durk van Wieren (d.vanwieren@aventus.nl)

The project has support from the Erasmus+ program under the name: Integration of Learning Outcomes into Quality Management and Harmonization of Quality Standards in Vocational Education and Training in Europe (QMS4VET): 2018-1-NL01-KA202-038886.