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Learning to speak Dutch as a second language is a very important part of becoming a successful member of Dutch society. You will have a better chance at finding a job, and settling into life in the Netherlands. Aventus is here to help you learn the Dutch language and pass your Integration Examination or State Examination.

Aventus will help you start your new life in the Netherlands. We teach you the Dutch language, help you feel at home and find your way around, and, together with you, improve your job opportunities. What do you like to do, and what are you good at? We will design a special study programme for you, and provide a safe place for you to learn.

Study at your own level

The Dutch course starts with a free intake meeting. It is a chance for us to get to know each other a little better. Depending on your background and diplomas, we determine your language skills level. We discuss your education goals, and set up a study programme that is perfect for you. You are assigned a class that is perfect for your level, so that teachers can give you all the attention you need.

Your personal mentor

The person you had your intake meeting with will also be your mentor for your studies. He or she makes sure you do not fall behind and helps you achieve your goals. If necessary, he or she will adjust your study programme.

Quality of the course

Our teachers are qualified NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language) teachers. They are trained to teach adults, and have a great deal of experience. They encourage you to bring out the best in yourself, and provide support if there are problems. You will be studying according to the newest education methods in a modern school environment. Our course members are very satisfied with their courses, and have awarded Aventus an 8+ out of  10 in a quality survey from Blik op Werk (Work Overview). They are especially happy with the teachers, support, subjects studied, and exam practice. Students feel very safe at our school.

Dutch as a second language means a better change at finding a job

If you speak Dutch well, it will be much easier for you to find a job, especially if you decide to continue your education after the integration programme. Aventus offers many different MBO (Intermediate Vocational Training) courses in various subjects, such as engineering and healthcare. This will help you make an excellent new beginning.

Dutch course

Dutch related courses

Language Course NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language)
This course is intended for people who speak a different language and want to learn how to speak, write, and/or read Dutch as a second language. The main focus is on learning the language and an introduction to Dutch society.

State Examination
We help you prepare for your State Examination (Programme I or II) with a language course designed especially for you, focused exam training, and registering for your exam with DUO (Education Executive Agency).

Integration Programme
We provide an Integration Programme that supports your own desires and possibilities. This means you can prepare for all parts of the Integration Examination or for the Integration Examination Abroad. For the Integration Examination Abroad, you will take your exam at the Dutch embassy in your home country.

General information Aventus

Our courses are taught in Apeldoorn and Deventer. These locations are close to NS train stations and  are easy to reach with public transportation.

Lesson Hours
You can choose from a number of options, such as:  a group course or an individual course; and day time  or night time. We will discuss your options at the intake meeting.

Starting Date
In most cases, you can start immediately.

In some cases you can get a loan to pay for your Integration Programme. We can help you request a loan. The course fee for individual programmes depends on the number of teaching hours per week, and how long your programme takes.


You can apply by contacting one of our intakers by telephone or e-mail as follows:

You can also apply at the reception desk at the college, or contact the Aventus Service and Information Point (SIP) on tel. 088 - 283 6887.